Mai Lor and her three children

Meet Mai Lor

Together, we have been privileged to partner with more than 330 families to not only build homes, but also strength and stability by giving families the opportunity to provide for themselves. For families like Mai Lor’s, owning a Habitat home has been a dream come true.

“Finding out I was going to be building with Habitat was one of the happiest days of my life,” Mai Lor said. “My children and I are so grateful. After years of living in apartments, oftentimes with mice, mold, and cigarette smoke that was out of our control, it’s amazing to come home from work and school every day to a home that is healthy and safe now. We love having control over our environment.”

“Having a home has made a huge impact on my kids. I understand that nothing is free, and that’s something I want them to understand, too. They saw their mother going to work every day and then on Saturdays, going to the build site,” Mai Lor said. “It’s really encouraged them to set goals, work hard, and hopefully accomplish more than I can.”

“Owning a home means investing in myself and my,” Mai Lor said. “And that’s what Habitat does best, giving families the opportunity to invest in themselves.” So much is possible for families who can invest in their futures instead of struggling to keep up with high rent.

Please join us in building brighter futures for families across Dane County by providing the life-changing opportunity to own a home.