Meet Our Board and Committee Members

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County’s Board of Directors is made up of recognized leaders across many areas of expertise. Our board and committee members are volunteers who donate significant amounts of time, talent and energy to further build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.
Ali Kane
Ali Kane – Chair
Real Estate Agent, Stark Homes
Trisha Kalscheur
Trisha Kalscheur – Vice Chair
President, John Deere Financial, f.s.b.
Tom Dorn
Tom Dorn – Secretary
Owner, Dorn True Value
Christina Smith-Wilkie
Christina Smith-Wilkie – Treasurer
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez – Member-at-Large
AVP – Residential Lending, Bank of Sun Prairie
Roren Finney
Roren Finney – Habitat Young Professionals Representative
Financial Advisor, Cornerstone Wealth Services
Amy Cralam
Amy Cralam
Director of Customer, Community and Economic Development, Alliant Energy
Liam Oas
Liam Oas – UW Habitat Chapter Representative
Chapter President, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Linn Roth
Linn Roth
Former CEO & Owner, Locus Incorporated
Kevin Krysinski
Kevin Krysinski
Partner, Johnson Block and Company, Inc.
Gurdip Brar
Gurdip Brar
President, G2DV Technologies, LLC
Kaba Bah
Kaba Bah
Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin – Madison & Real Estate Development
Mark Kuna
Mark Kuna
CFO, Lockncharge Technologies | IWS Global
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson
Advisor, Engineering & Construction, Renewables, Energy Transition & Growth
Hilary Parker
Hilary Parker – Staff Liaison
CEO, Habitat For Humanity of Dane County

Habitat Committees

Advisory Board
Staff Liaison: Hilary Parker, CEO
Committee Meets: Quarterly and As Needed
Committee Charge: Comprised of past board and committee members whose purpose is to continue to give advice and support based on shared experiences with Habitat for Humanity. Past board members belong to this exclusive group that meets every several months to advise the current board and management team on timely issues facing Habitat for Humanity of Dane County.
Advocacy Committee
Staff Liaison: Steve Hanrahan, COO
Committee Meets: Monthly
Committee Charge: Raises awareness of housing issues affecting Dane County and beyond.
  • Debra Alton
  • Terese Berceau
  • Amy Cralam
  • Thomas Fonfara
  • Alison Kane, Chair
Communications Committee
Staff Liaison: Jenny Ballweg, Vice President/Communications
Committee Meets: Every other month
Committee Charge: Assists in developing policies, plans and programs for internal and external communication. Provides advice and guidance and as requested may be given responsibility for specific projects. Addresses specific topics quarterly such as Habitat ReStore advertising, Earned Media tactics, trade show strategy and grassroots outreach ideas.
  • Tania Banak
  • Debra Alton, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Behling
  • Ellen Cameron
  • Julie Kisely
  • Christopher Mertes
  • Maria Nigh
  • Hilary Parker, CEO
  • Valerie Renk
  • Barbara Robins, Co-Chair
  • Nicole Rolain
Development Committee
Staff Liaisons: Gabriella Gerhardt, Vice President, Development
Committee Meets: Bimonthly
Committee Charge: Supports, advises, and participates in development activities for Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, through introductions, cultivation, and stewardship of current and prospective individual and corporate donors.
  • Tim Bizjak, J.P. Cullen
  • Ben Delzer, CG Schmidt
  • Bridget Krueger, Peoples Community Bank
  • Hilary Parker, Habitat CEO
  • Kit Osborne, Adams Outdoor
  • Linn Roth, Formerly of Locus Incorporated
  • Christina Smith-Wilkie, SBA Lending Group, Wells Fargo N.A.
  • James Steinbach, retired, Chair
  • AJ Sue, AJ Sue Consulting, LLC
Family Services Committee
Staff Liaison: Paul Sukenik, Vice President/Family Services
Committee Meets: As Needed
Committee Charge: Hosts informational meetings and determine program eligibility for potential family partners. In addition, the committee provides HFHDC Board of Directors recommendations for approval of family partners.
  • Kaba Bah
  • Annette Blazeck
  • Jeanie Farmer
  • Hala Ghoneim
  • Monica Gonzalez
  • Theresa Heintz
  • Tammy Jelinek
  • Julie Kisely
  • Linn Roth
  • Mike Wiebe
  • Shor Yang
  • David Zellner
Finance Committee
Staff Liaison: Hilary Parker, Habitat CEO
Committee Meets: Quarterly
Committee Charge: Ensures organization is financially strong, able to meet financial obligations and support the current and future growth of the organization. Tasks include overseeing budget and audit preparation by staff. Committee also oversees homeowner mortgage payment policies.
  • Courtney Emerick
  • Jim Hunt
  • Hilary Parker, Habitat CEO
  • Christina Smith-Wilkie
  • Ross Stadelman, Chair
  • Michael Stamey
Habitat ReStore Advisory Committee
Staff Liaison: Jeff Bundgaard, Vice President/ReStore
Committee Meets: Quarterly and As Needed
Committee Charge: Provides advice and guidance to Vice President/ReStore on best practices that will improve ReStore operations and performance. Topics might include donation process improvements, volunteer management advances, customer service enhancements, and marketing suggestions.
  • Al Curran
  • Tom Dorn
  • Steve Hanrahan, Habitat COO
  • Henry Nehls-Lowe
  • Greg Schaffer
  • Bob Stauffacher
Land Acquisition Committee
Staff Liaison: Steve Hanrahan, Habitat COO
Committee Meets: 8:30 a.m. Second Friday of Each Month
Committee Charge: Provides legal and technical support to evaluate project feasibility and development strategy for locations of future Habitat for Humanity of Dane County homes.
  • Kaba Bah
  • Bruce Briney
  • Chuck Elliott
  • Cynthia Farnsworth
  • Rose Freidel, Chair
  • Steve Hanrahan, Habitat COO
  • Arlan Kay
  • Jeff Kraemer
  • Derek Johnson
Personnel Committee
Staff Liaison: Steve Hanrahan, COO
Committee Meets: Monthly: Third Tuesday of Each Month at 11:30 a.m.
Committee Charge: Responsible for advising CEO on employment policies, assessing staffing needs, reviewing and setting the compensation structure for staff, and oversight of general personnel-related issues.
  • James Arnett
  • Jennifer Knudson, Chair
  • Ron Konkol
  • Hilary Parker, Habitat CEO
  • Kari Rahn
  • Pablo Sanchez
Board Committees
In addition to these committees there are four committees made up of exclusively of board members including, Executive, Governance, Succession, and Compensation and Audit that meet throughout the year.