Shining light on the heart behind Habitat’s mission

Meet a donor who is making a big difference right here in Dane County: Eric, Joyce & Rafi Mier
“Joyce, Rafi, and I recently moved to Michigan primarily to be closer to family now that our family is expanding. While we are thrilled to be in Michigan, leaving Madison was not an easy choice for us to make since we loved it there so much. The city was just the right size for us, being large enough to have every amenity you can think of, but small enough to be easy to get around and have a small-town feel. Even more so, we just loved the people. We’ve found that the people of Wisconsin and Madison are just phenomenal people.
We found a home in Michigan that we really loved that was cheaper than we expected. We also ended up selling our Madison townhome for far more than we expected we would get. Our Catholic faith has instilled in us that the gifts we have we are given to share and that the assets in our name are not meant solely for our own desires, but to be stewarded to those in greater need. The amount we gave sort of fell into place as we had that amount left from the sale of our townhome after paying off our old mortgage and our new down payment. We just felt like that was money that other people absolutely needed more than we did. And then why we chose Habitat was because we felt that it would be fitting to keep that money in the housing industry, especially since we felt like the high sale price of our home could in some small way contribute to making it harder for people who have less resources to be able to break into the market.
Attending a home dedication ceremony in Sun Prairie really solidified to us that we had done God’s will with that money. It was really cool to see all the people coming out and having a celebration and just seeing the joy of the families as they got to experience homeownership. I also was really touched by seeing the joy on the faces of the new homeowners! It was very special to be at the dedication ceremony and see the community Habitat is building up in Sun Prairie. Wishing Habitat continued success in all that you are doing in the Madison area!”
– Eric, Joyce & Rafi Mier