Attic Angels frame a new home with Habitat

“The House That Angels Built” – the moniker used by Attic Angel Community – is an appropriate description for the new Habitat home framed up last Wednesday.
More than 100 volunteers rolled up their sleeves to frame an entire home at the headquarters of Madison’s historic Attic Angel Association, 640 Junction Road. The parking lot transformed into a Habitat construction site, populated by Angels (also known as members of the association), staff members, and residents of the senior community that the Angels founded.
Attic Angel volunteers built all of the interior and exterior walls for the Habitat home, which will eventually be located in Oregon. The home will be part of a 1.3-acre development that will serve eight families in that community.
“The frame-up allows our entire Attic Angel community to come together with a common goal of building a home for a family,” said President & CEO Michelle Godfrey. “The effort aligns with our community-minded mission as well as this year’s specific annual focus on collaborative efforts to prevent housing insecurity for families with children.”
Attic Angel’s efforts will support one of the 14 new partner families that joined Habitat’s homeownership program this spring.
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