Luz's Home Dedication

May 21 2018 at 9:00 AM

246 Sweet Grass Dr., Sun Prairie

For soon-to-be Habitat homeowner, Luz, life started in Zacatecas, Mexico as one of six daughters to a hard-working immigrant father and a stay-at-home mother. Luz grew up very poor with her father working as a field worker in Santa Fe, N.M. and sending money back home to support their family. When Luz turned 18 years old, she moved to Santa Fe to join her father and help support their family. She didn’t speak English or know anyone else besides her father. During that time, Luz had one goal in mind, to achieve the American Dream.

Thanks to home sponsors Alliant Energy and National Guardian Life Insurance Company, Luz and her son will achieve the American Dream and soon move in to their own Habitat for Humanity home in Sun Prairie. This will be Habitat’s 273th home built in Dane County. The home dedication will take place on Monday, May 21 at 9 a.m. at 246 Sweet Grass Drive. The public is invited to tour the home, enjoy refreshments and meet the family.

Luz and her son are thrilled their hard work has finally paid off. “I worked as a store clerk and a nanny for many years. I worked from sun up to sun down to send money back home to help support my sisters and my mother. Sadly, my father passed away when I was 23 years old. I met my then husband in Santa Fe and we decided to move to Wisconsin where we had heard the community of people were great,” Luz explained. “When I arrived to Madison I started working at a laundry mat where I worked for the next 12 years. In those 12 years I had my son, learned English and received my GED. My next step in life was buying a home. Sadly, my husband didn’t share the same dreams as me. We decided to part ways and during the divorce I received half of the debt that we accumulated. I worked two jobs and paid the portion that I owed. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay his portion of the debt and I ended up having to pay his portion as well. That was a major setback to my dream of owning my own home.”

Prior to breaking ground on the construction site, more than 100 associates from Alliant Energy and National Guardian Life Insurance Company built the home frame last June in Alliant Energy’s parking lot. The frame was then moved over to its permanent location in Sun Prairie.

Now that Luz’s dream has come true she’s focused on helping her son achieve his dream of becoming a police office. “My son is now 19 years old and he has been attending college for the past two years. He’s working towards becoming a police officer,” Luz said. “I’ve been a bilingual Customer Service Representative for the past 11 years. I work very hard to support my son and I encourage him every day to keep pushing ahead and fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.”

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